Initiative OCTALFA was created by the Alberici family in 2006. It is the result of civic and entrepreneurial commitment and has a dual mission: create and support corporate projects in the healthcare and technology sectors as well as charity projects intended to help cancer patients and disabled people in France and Madagascar. The projects we support have considerable social and economic potential for sustainable and shared development, in keeping with our values.

We believe that creating and financing companies is highly complementary to our charity activities. These are the two sides of our civic commitment ever since we began our activities, namely creating highly qualified jobs and materially helping people when life has dealt them a bad hand. We are proud to be using the money generated by entrepreneurship to help people in need. We have always chosen a path aimed at sharing the created value in every possible way (jobs, taxes, support afforded to associations, reinvestment). Neither is this a philanthropic approach on our part, as our charity activities could not exist if we weren’t also economically involved in creating and financing innovative companies. And finally, we also believe that companies such as OPi and ORPHELIA Pharma are similarly inherently driven by a civic mission, as they are developing drugs intended to treat rare and serious diseases, mainly among children. This brings us full circle.

Since 2007, Initiative OCTALFA has been supporting the emergence of young innovative companies in the healthcare and technology sectors. OCTALFA is the group’s coordinating organisation that creates, finances and runs our companies, whereas OTONNALE brings together diversification activities.

initiative OCTALFA also supports charity projects in France and Madagascar that aim to give disabled people and cancer patients a better quality of life. These projects are successfully implemented by the corporate foundation Fondation Dominique & Tom Alberici – OCTALFA created in 2008 under the impetus of Dominique Alberici. The Endowment Fund Institut Dominique & Tom Alberici, founded in 2012, collects donations and complements the activities of the corporate foundation with charity projects that require both greater involvement in the field and additional funding.