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    One project supported by our Foundation
    2 May 2017

    On April 21 2017, the Board of Directors of the Fondation Dominique et Tom Alberici decided to support Fondation France Repit, which is building a respit house in the suburbs of Lyon.

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    OREGA Biotech’s interleukin-17 patent to be granted in the US
    19 April 2017

    Receipt of a Notice of Allowance from USPTO for a strategic patent application related to OREGA’s IL-17 program

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    IL-17B program to be presented at AACR 2017
    24 March 2017

    OREGA will present latest in vivo data of its IL-17B program on April 3 at the upcoming AACR annual conference to be held in Washington DC

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    Meet us at Bio-Europe Spring 2017
    20 March 2017

    Gilles Alberici and Jeremy Bastid will attend the Bio-Europe Convention to be held In Barcelona, March 20-22, 2017.

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    Three projects supported by our Foundation
    3 February 2017

    On 3rd of february 2017, the Board of Directors of the Fondation Dominique et Tom Alberici decided to support Association Française du Syndrome de Rett (respit stay at Center Parc), Audition Solidarité (recycling hearing aids) and SLA Aide et Soutien (buy three computers)

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    Merry Christmas and Happy New year 2017 !
    19 December 2016

    initiative OCTALFA wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2017 !

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    December 2016 newsletter
    9 December 2016

    Read the newsletter of the endowment fund Institut Dominique et Tom Alberici

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    Alize Pharma to attend J.P. Morgan
    1 December 2016

    J.P. Morgan 35th Annual Healthcare Conference 2017 will take place 9 – 13 January 2017 in San Francisco, CA, USA1

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    Two projects supported by our Endowment Fund
    17 November 2016

    On 17th of November 2016, the Foundation decided to support, throught its endowment fund Institut Dominique et Tom Alberici, SOHDEV and Traces de Vie.

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    One project supported by our Foundation
    17 November 2016

    On 17th of November 2016, the Board of Directors of the Fondation Dominique et Tom Alberici decided to support SOHDEV.

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    Mathym closes its second financing round
    14 October 2016

    The proceeds will be used to implement the first manufacturing line and conduct the R&D programs

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    Antagene joints Cerba Healthcare
    30 September 2016

    ANTAGENE joins CERBA VET to form a European veterinary diagnostic leader

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    Alizé Pharma III presents preclinical results in osteoporosis
    12 September 2016

    The HBD1 peptide exhibited strong bone anabolic potency in a model of post-menopausal osteoporosis

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    OREGA Biotech strengthens its intellectual property
    19 July 2016

    Notices of allowance from EPO for two strategic patents.

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    Three projects supported by our Foundation
    7 July 2016

    On 7th of July 2016, the Board of Directors of the Foundation decided to support Handi Rhône Services (guide « Living well at home »), Audition Solidarité (hearing aids for the children of AKA MA school), Arche de Lyon (shared housing).

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    Graftys granted key U.S. patent
    6 July 2016

    This granted application covers GRFT-R02, an innovative osteogenic biomaterial for bone tissue regeneration.

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    JHAM : Jumelage Handicap Aide Madagascar
    25 May 2016

    Our project, JHAM, enters its second phase. Specific trainings will be offered to Malagasy centers in January 2017. They will be provided by young retirees of Lyon centers for disabled people. It is planned to send a second container with materials at fall 2016.

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    Alizé Pharma II acquired by Jazz Pharmaceuticals
    11 May 2016

    This all-cash transaction closed in March 2016 is valued at up to €18 million.

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    Graftys announces regulatory clearance in Australia and in Canada
    26 April 2016

    Graftys will market Graftys® Quickset in these countries.

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    Alizé Pharma: positive results from its Phase II clinical trial in Prader-Willi Syndrome
    26 April 2016

    The study was aimed at evaluating the safety, tolerability and efficacy of AZP-531 in patients with Prader-Willi Syndrome.

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    OREGA presents its first-in-class CD39 checkpoint inhibitor at the AACR meeting
    19 April 2016

    OREGA Biotech presented preclinical data on IPH52, a new humanized antibody targeting the CD39 immune checkpoint.

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    GRAFTYS strengthens its management and operations
    31 March 2016

    Gilles Alberici, Chairman of the Board, will serve as Chief Executive Officer.

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    Four projects supported by our foundation
    5 February 2016

    On 5th of February 2016, the Board of Directors of the Foundation decided to support Tribu Cancer (podcasts for caregivers), ADAPEI 69 (support through film), ASP FONDATRICE DE PARIS (If there where only one picture) and MIETE (Festival for disabled people).

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    OREGA announces licensing of its first in class CD39 checkpoint inhibitor
    10 January 2016

    OREGA has entered into a worldwide licensing agreement with Innate Pharma.

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    Graftys : initiation of post Marketing Surveillance program
    16 November 2015

    The international registry will include patients who received implants of GRAFTYS® HBS and QuickSet.

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    Alize reports positive clinical results
    29 October 2015

    Safety and efficacy results from a Phase Ib trial support further development of AZP-531 in type 2 diabetes.

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    ORPHELIA Pharma strengthens its development operations
    9 October 2015

    initiative  Octalfa joined the company as a shareholder, director and operating partner.

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    TargeOn to become ORPHELIA Pharma
    1 October 2015

    ORPHELIA Pharma develops and commercializes pediatric medicines in neurology.

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    Three projects supported by our foundation
    30 September 2015

    On 30th of October 2015, the Board of Directors of the Foundation decided to support SOHDEV (guide « Oral hygiene and handicap), Association Dominique (rehabilitation equipment for children) and IHOP in Lyon (booklet on brachytherapy).

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    Graftys: broadening indication to bone marrow lesions (BML)
    14 September 2015

    Extension of the CE mark for GRAFTYS® HBS and Quickset for the indication of bone marrow lesions.

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    Intel Acquires Docea Power
    31 July 2015

    The acquisition of the Grenoble-based company by INTEL was closed July 31st 2015.

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    Initiative Octalfa at the BIO 2015
    1 June 2015

    BIO International 2015 to be held June 15 – 18, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

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    Four projects supported by our foundation
    27 May 2015

    On 25thJune 2015,the Board of Directors of the Foundation decided to support– Fundation’s Board of Directors supports Hôpital Boulloche (the Robot Nao offers relational support for children with ASD), ME WE (support through film), BICE (change their lives) and Le GaiRire (clowns in hospital).

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    Alizé Pharma presents clinical results from the AZP-531 program
    26 April 2015

    The results from two Phase I clinical trials will be presented at the American Diabetes Association.

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    Alizé Pharma III raises €1.8 m in its first financing round
    16 March 2015

    The funds will finance the launch of the newprogram for the treatment of osteoporosis.

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    Alizé Pharma launches Phase II clinical trial
    2 March 2015

    AZP-531 will bedevelopped in patients with Prader-Willi syndrome.

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    e(ye) brainraises EUR 1.3 million
    3 February 2015

    The company announces the closing of its third financial round.03

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    Mathym launches its process scale-up phase
    16 January 2015

    MATHYM and INEVO Technologies are pleased to announce their partnership agreement.16

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    Alizé Pharma acquires rights on a new peptide for bone diseases
    3 December 2014

    The project will be developed by the Newco, Alizé Pharma III.

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    Alizé Pharma raises another € 5 m
    10 September 2014

    The proceeds will finance the clinical development program of AZP-531.

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    OTONNALE invests in Cosmopolit’home
    8 September 2014

    Cosmopolit’home raises EUR 2M from RAC, Expansinvest and initiative OCTALFA via OTONNALE.12

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    MATHYM closes its first financing round
    25 April 2014

    MATHYM raised EUR 600 000 from RAC, Pertinence Invest and OCTALFA.

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    OCTALFA supports R2V
    8 February 2014

    The seed capital fund will support innovative businesses in the South-East regions of France.13

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    Docea Power in the Deloitte InExtenso Technology Fast 50
    4 December 2013

    Docea Power ranks 25th!

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    Alizé Pharma launches Phase I in type-2 diabetes
    15 May 2013

    First clinical trial for AZP-531, the analogue of non-acylated ghrelin.

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    OREGA Biotech closes its second financing round
    13 April 2013

    OCTALFA takes part to the 2nd financing round.

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    e(ye)Brain launches an international clinical study
    11 April 2013

    The trial assesses oculomotor disorders in dyslexic children.

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    GRAFTYS wins first prize (Deloitte Technology Fast 50)
    27 November 2012

    The “Deloitte Technology Fast 50” prize awarded to GRAFTYS.

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    Alizé Pharma raises € 3.3 m
    4 June 2012

    The funds will enable the clinical development of its Ghrelin analog AZP-531.