initiative OCTALFA’s mission is two fold: facilitate innovation in healthcare and provide support to vulnerable people.

Initiative OCTALFA works to bring about innovation in healthcare by incubating innovative startups in France.

Initiative OCTALFA also supports projects aimed at improving quality of life for cancer patients and disabled people in France and Madagascar.


OCTALFA creates, funds and manages young innovative companies
OTONNALE identify innovative projects until they mature into fledgling companies
The corporate foundation Fondation Dominique & Tom Alberici – OCTALFA supports charity and non-profit projects addressing the challenges surrounding cancer and disabilities in France and Madagascar
The endowment fund Institut Dominique & Tom Alberici raises additional funds for projects supported by our corporate foundation


  • Gilles Alberici

    Gilles has 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. He created and developedOPi, Pharmaceuticals for Rare Diseases and has taken more than ten products through clinical trials.

  • Julien Alberici
    Managing Director

    Julien is a graduate of EMLYON Business School and iaelyon management school. He has worked as a consultant in innovation management, business development andfinancial analysis,and is currently the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder ofMathym.

  • Jeremy Bastid
    R&D Director

    Jeremy is a pharmacist and oncologist, who specialises in immuno-oncology. He joined initiative OCTALFA in 2010 and manages OREGA Biotech as Chief Operating Officer.

  • Charlotte Maddalena
    Executive Assistant

    Charlotte Maddalena joined initiative OCTALFA in October 2016 as an executive assistant. Charlotte is also responsible for the administrative management of the Foundation’s projects.

  • Laurence Simon
    Administrative and Financial Director

    Laurence Simon is Administrative and Financial Director. She has more than 15 years of experience in the biotechnology sector where she worked for OPI, Eusa Pharma and Jazz Pharmaceuticals as Financial Director. She joined the initiative Octalfa team on November 3, 2016.


Formed in 2006, OCTALFA is the fruit of previous work carried out by Gilles Alberici, in particular during his time at OPi, a company that develops drugs for orphan diseases.

OCTALFA began by helping established innovative companies with financing operations. It founded and/or invested in 14 companies in France. Since 2016, OCTALFA concentrates its efforts to the development and management of its subsidiaries.

OTONNALE identify innovative industrial or academic projects before the inception of a company dedicated to their management.

Spearheaded by Dominique Alberici, OCTALFA created the OCTALFA Corporate Foundation in 2008 to provide help for cancer patients and disabled people. The corporate foundation was named Fondation Dominique & Tom Alberici – OCTALFA in 2011, following the passing away of Tom, Dominique and Gilles’ son.

Founded in 2012, the endowment fund Institut Dominique & Tom Alberici complements the corporate foundation’s activities by supporting charity projects that require both a more hands-on approach and additional funding. This funding is provided by OCTALFA and our donors.


  • January 2019 newsletter

    Read the newsletter of the endowment fund Institut Dominique & Tom Alberici

  • Two projects supported by our Foundation

    The 19th of october 2018, the board of directors of the Fondation Dominique & Tom Alberici decided to support Magie à l’hôpital for acquisition of digital and tactile adapted tablets for the hospitalized children at Necker Hospital, and Les Chiens du Silence (Dogs of Silence), which educates and provides earphone dogs to deaf or hard of hearing people.

  • All our projects


    OCTOBER 2018

    The association Les Chiens du Silence (Dogs of silence) was incepted in May 2010. It is the only center in France that educates and provides headphone dogs to deaf or hard of hearing people.

    The Dominique & Tom Alberici Foundation helps to finance a guide dog.

  • Exposition photo S'il n'y avait qu'une image

    Depuis mars 2015, Hélène Mauri intervient auprès de patients de l’Institut Curie en leur proposant de photographier un souvenir, un lieu, des proches ou encore toute chose qu’ils aimeraient avoir auprès d’eux pendant leur séjour à l’hôpital. De Nouméa à Paris, Hélène a réalisé 50 photographies dont 16 sont exposées à Ecully, près de Lyon, au centre de séminaires Valpré, du 23 octobre au 15 décembre 2018.

    Ce projet, soutenu par la Fondation Dominique & Tom Alberici-Octalfa, sera prochainement dupliqué à Lyon.

  • ORPHELIA Pharma has been awarded a €1m loan from Bpifrance
  • Interleukin-17 patent granted in Europe
  • Granting of the marketing authorization for Kigabeq®