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initiative OCTALFA was founded by the Alberici family. This initiative, which stems from social and civic commitments, aims at facilitating unavoidable current and future changes. It supports undertakings in the fields of health, energy, sustainable development and agrotourism, as well as non-profit projects dedicated to people affected by cancer, and disabled persons in France and Madagascar.


We firmly believe in the creativity of human organisations. This is why we support innovative undertakings which meet the challenge of providing 21st-century technological solutions, or charitable institutions working with the most destitute and disenfranchised people.


Our environment has undergone major changes over the last 40 years: globalisation, industrial migration, pollution, energy crisis, zero growth in northern countries, growing inequalities among individuals and nations, famine or epidemics in southern countries.


Despite undeniable improvements made in the field of health, some medical needs remain unmet. Furthermore, the energy transition which we are facing is an opportunity for us to create new technologies. We also have to meet major challenges: reconsider food production and promote a new agriculture.


The goal of initiative OCTALFA is to contribute to supporting this transition.


In order to meet its commitment for sustainable development, initiative OCTALFA has a financial capacity of approximately € 20 M. Three types of support are offered:


Support to small businesses through direct investment: OCTALFA (life sciences) and OTONNALE (cleantech) fund French Research & Development start-ups.


Contribution to associated funds: The Mutual fund OCTALFA 360 supports companies of the health and cleantech sectors listed on stock markets; the seed capital fund R2V supports the creation of innovative businesses in the South-East regions of France.


Support to non-profit projects aimed at improving the life of disabled people and cancer patients: the “Dominique & Tom Alberici” Foundation supports projects in France and in southern countries, particularly in Madagascar.


initiative OCTALFA is driven by an economic approach with a sustainable perspective. All the projects we support have a strong social, environmental and economic impact, for a sustainable and shared fulfilment.


The needs of the weakest people (sick, disabled persons, as well as populations of developing countries) are systematically taken into account in our overall approach. Our purpose is to support and develop projects set up by men who create and lead undertakings in various fields (life sciences, cleantech, non-profit) provided that it remains sustainable and respectful to the planet and its inhabitants.

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